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Budget Gallery Walls!

So I love a galley wall because they are always DIFFERENT no two are the same. They are an expression of the owner and the things they love.

Plus it's cheaper than redecorating ... just changing a few prints can really refresh the whole look and feel of a room. This is great for me because I often get that itch, you know the one where you want to move furniture round or redecorate the whole house in a weekend but then remember you're poor and you're actually terrible with a roller!

Gallery walls can be fairly inexpensive too if you follow my top tips!

1. Visit your local charity shop!

Charity shops are AMAZING they often have lots of frames (good quality ones) for a bargain price. I once picked up 4 solid wood frames for £5. Plus you will be doing your bit for the environment by using a second hand item!

2. Upcycle

You might already have some frames at home that are the perfect size but no longer match your colour scheme or they just need a wee freshen up. Maybe they're a wee bit scuffed from moving into a new home. Well, why not buy some spray paint (for those of us not great with brushes. Be sure to take around the edges and cover the glass/perspex in newspaper so you don't paint the see through bit haha!) or buy some chalk paint, loads of people use it for all sorts of upcycling and it looks great!

3. Don't exclusively buy prints

Now for a print business, this is probably not a great statement for me to make BUT you don't have to use prints exclusively in your gallery walls. How often have you been given a beautiful card and thought "it seems a shame to put this in a box and never look at it again"? Well break out those cards find some frames and pop them up! Plus, if the card giver ever comes round they will feel very special that their card made it on to your wall!

Another tip is, if you spot a bit of wallpaper you like but don't fancy a full wall in it, why not take a small sample? I'm not meaning half a roll but a standard size would fill 2 4x7 inch frames nicely!

4. Start small

You don't have to have a floor to ceiling gallery wall instantly! Building a gallery wall can be fun and a great way to store precious memories, so don't panic if you've only got two or three things to hang at the minute you can always keep adding to it!

5. Not everything has to be framed!

I love a good frame it can really make stuff stand out but not everything has to be framed. Remember when you were 13 and your walls were covered in posters with good old blue tac? Remember how you created a gallery wall then without even thinking about frames? Maybe don't use blue tac if you have pale walls, it can sometimes stain, but it's definitely an option to start building your gallery wall without the high costs of frames, especially if you're using big prints. Frames can be expensive!

Also washi tape, it comes in soooo many different colours, thicknesses and patterns so it can become a feature of your gallery wall!

So there you have it, my 5 top tips for making a gallery wall a bit cheaper! I'd love to see your gallery walls so feel free to email me or tag me on Insta and Facebook!

Plus I'm nosey as hell and love a good look at other people's homes :) x

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