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Does size really matter?

In a word ... Yes.

Size really does matter.

So you want to buy a print but you’re not sure what size you want?

Here’s some top tips to get you started!

1. Where do you want to hang the print?

This is a really obvious question but I’ve often found myself buying things and then getting them home and going … well where is this going go then? Or I’ve bought something without measuring it and it just doesn’t fit!

So it’s really important that you know roughly where you want it to go before you decide on size.

2. Is it a stand alone piece or part of a gallery wall?

Obviously this doesn’t have to be your final decision but to start with it’s good to know where you’re kind of going with it. A stand alone print can often look great as a larger piece in a larger space or as a wee feature in those gaps between doors.

But if you’re thinking about creating a gallery wall, think about how many pieces you’d like to include in it. Then you can roughly work out what size they should be for that wall or what combination of sizes you'd like.

3. Have a practice!

If you’re thinking about framing your prints have a wee search on the internet for the frame you like and grab the dimensions. Once you’ve got those, using a pencil, a measuring tape and a spirit level, draw it out on the wall (you can always rub it off with an eraser afterwards!).

Remember depending on the style of frame you like this can add quite a bit of a border around your print. Some frames are more of a statement than the print themselves - so it’s good to have a rough idea of what you’re wanting!

If you’re not framing them you can also grab a couple of sheets of A4 paper from your printer and blue tac them up to play about with positioning and sizing. If you fold A4 (short end to meet short end) you’ll get A5, two A4 pieces together (long side to long side) will give you A3.

Take pictures of your different variations and then use them to help you make a decision!

4. You can always move them

Prints are a great way to decorate your home, they’re relatively cheap and easy to move around - so even if you pick the wrong size you can always put it somewhere else or gift it to a friend!

5. If you like it you like it!

Sometimes we just like something and buy it ( I do this a lot!) without overthinking it and do you know what THAT IS FINE.

We all need a wee impulse buy every now and then. Plus the fun of it dropping through your door and then walking round your house looking at all the options is great fun!

So size is definitely important but sometimes it’s okay to wing it! Have a look at some prints here most are available in a3, a4 and a5!

And if you’ve got a custom in mind drop me a message and I'll get you sorted!

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