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Glossy or Matte?

How to choose the right finish for your print.

So you’ve decided on your print BUT now you’re faced with what type of finish you want?!


How are you supposed to know you’re no expert right?

Well here’s where I come in…

I will always say that anything with colour in looks better on a glossy finish paper. Why? Because it really helps those colours POP and it gives a depth of colour. I use a printer with more than the standard CYMK colours within it so when you buy a print from me you really do get a colourful print.

I have done colourful prints on matt finish before, personally, I just feel like it’s not as good as the gloss version, it looks a bit dull - which isn’t what you want for your perfect print is it?

Matte finish is magic for black and white prints. Black only has to stand out against the white card so it looks really strong on the paper (or card which is what I use). Plus if you pop it in a frame with glass or perspex it looks glossy anyway.

Also if you’re concerned about the quality of a print always ask what GSM Paper or card it will be printed on - this makes a big difference too! If it seems too good to be true, the likelihood is the paper will be a low GSM meaning the ink may pool on the paper and you won’t get those fine lines you’re after.

Obviously this is always your choice and the professional (hopefully me) that you trust to create or print your artwork will always advise but ultimately you have the final say.

This is just some advice if you’re a wee bitty stuck!

If you’re looking to create a gallery wall my top money saving tips can be found here:

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