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I bought a puppy because of a book!

Sounds ridiculous right? Really impulsive? That's because it was.

Glennon Doyle's book Untamed, is fabulous and one section really resonated with me, called "The Ache". Glennon talks about all the times she's retreated from something because she knows in the end it will be painful, whether that's the loss of a loved one or not trying something because it will fail.

For context, I've wanted a dog for the past 3.5 years, just after we bought our house. I finally felt settled enough to bring another wee life into or life BUT my "ache" was that I knew how distraught I'd be when the time comes that they have to pass over the rainbow bridge, so I'd talked myself out of it - every single time the conversation came up.

But two weeks ago I read that passage in Glennon Doyle's book and I just thought -F*** it! I will love a dog so much that the time we spend together will be entirely worth it!

2 days after that I brought home Lola!

I mean how cute?!!

What's this got to do with PandiPrints Andi?

I'm getting there, I've made three rash decisions in my life, Lola was one, moving to England was two (literally picked a random date and said - that's the day I'm moving!) and the final one was starting PandiPrints. I'd been playing around with designs for a couple of weeks and then I just bought the web domain, didn't have a business plan, or any idea of what I'd actually need to build a business I just did it - and look at us now a year and a bit later. I have a growing social media presence, an email list and repeat customers who just keep coming back.

I was terrified, not of owning a dog, but of loving it too much that I would be too sad when I lost her. I'd entirely wiped out any of the good stuff she would bring into my life and jumped straight to the hard bit!

So, my final thought for you is, how many things are you holding back on because you're scared of something hurting, failing, not being as great as you wanted it to be?

Impulsivity, isn't my strongest skill (in fact, other than the three times mentioned I am a meticulous planner!) but if you're sitting on an idea or a thought or something that you know will make you feel better - just do it.

Lola's already brought me so much joy in 2 weeks and she was the best decision ever.

You never know it could be the best decision of your life!

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