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My house sold!

It only took 6 months but my house FINALLY sold.

Yep 6 months, you read that right... Not only did it take an age BUT it came with it's own trials!

A man peed on my floor, someone told me my house was ugly to my face, as well as calling it "fucking small", I accepted offers that were then withdrawn, viewings cancelled, cheeky offers (20k under asking price!!) and so much more.

But finally on 4th of April a man came to view and gave on offer that we were willing to accept!


Then on the 5th we had another, better, offer!


We got into a bidding war until finally the second offer withdrew as they just didn't feel it was right for them, which was totally fine. We accepted the first buyers, now higher, offer and started the selling process!

If you don't have a stress relieving activity and are currently going through a house sale, get a stress reliever. OMG it's a lot! I think I'm quite an intelligent person BUT geewhiz legal paperwork just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. However, we move. That bit was done... then the enquiries just kept coming.

For those that have never done this before, this is where the buyer can ask for proof of things, such as boiler service (we were due one, so had to get this done ... another £90!). Also because we were a new build we had to get prove of electricity & gas mains being installed correctly. Of course my builder hadn't provided them, so I had to chase them for that. Then there were other piddly things like "have you ever flooded" and some other legal bits that my solicitor chased down.

By the middle of May (while I was on holiday in London) I thought we were at the point of no more enquiries. Oh how wrong was I... the buyer just kept sending them.

June came, we were still at the same point. I was getting pissed off by now. I'd moved out the house and was now paying rent & a mortgage in a cost of living crisis …

Hello Credit Card! (I don't condone this style of living but needs must and my mental health was much better for being out the house!)

June, came and went... July rolls around. Now, because we'd used a Help To Buy Grant we had to pay them back too. To ascertain how much we paid them, we had to have a valuation done by a verified, independent valuer - of course this has a time limit. We'd already extended by the max time and had 6 weeks left to get everything done.


I was stressed. Not only was I skint paying for two houses but I could not understand what was taking so long.

So, I got into my little Miss Bossy mode and took charge. My solicitors were pissing me about, the buyer was pissing me about. I was not having it.

I got a completion date agreed in principal and pushed my solicitors to get the rest done. I then rang them EVERY SINGLE DAY to push this forward.


I'm pretty sure they saw my number come up everyday and groaned but I did not care. I was paying for this service and the fact it had gone on so long was ridiculous.

All seemed to be going okay until ... I receive a message from the buyer.

"Hi Andi, I'm just back from a month long trip in India. I've checked my finances and I am 4k short. Can we talk about changing the price?"


I flipped.

Is he joking? I am not paying for his holiday.

I screenshotted the conversation and sent it my solicitor with the following.

"He either wants it for the price agreed or not, he has 12 hours or it's going back on the market."

He agreed within 20 minutes!

Remember that completion date that I'd got agreed, that went out the window as well. The buyer wanted after our Help To Buy Valuation ran out. Nuhuh pal, unless you want to pay out for another valuation, we're completing before that. He also needed a "Sim Completion", which means there's no exchange. No guarantee that the sale is going ahead. No security.

By this point my brain was a puddle. I was just going through the motions with everything else in my life. But the house sale I was on and it had all of my attention. I whipped out my sassy ass attitude and told him. We either complete on this date, with your "Sim completion" or we exchange and complete on your date.

He wasn't allowed to exchange because of the type of mortgage he had.

I win.

The drama didn't end there. He ordered a search ON THE DAY OF COMPLETION.

9.30am, he ordered a search.


I was like a cat on a hot tin roof by this point. I couldn't stop looking at the clock wondering if the money had gone through, had the search came back positive, was this going to go through.

2.30pm rolled around... Right I'd had enough of this. I'm ringing the solicitor.

"Oh Hi Andi, I was just about to ring you. We've had the money through, all of it. You can do key handover now." How long has she been sat on this information? As if it's just a wee thing not to be worried about.

I got over my annoyance to finally revel in the fact my HOUSE HAD SOLD. It had gone. All that was left to do was hand over my keys.

I'm not sure what I expected at this point, maybe a rush of emotion, maybe an apology from the buyer for being such a prize pain in my ass what I wasn't expecting was the buyer to be doing a viewing the second I turned my back.

Yep, that's right. I pull into my drive and there's a woman waiting (with a face like thunder) on the buyer to see inside the house. Well any hope I'd had that this would be a nice experience just died.

I handed over the solitary key that we'd used to lock up with (all the others were inside the house) and left.

That was it. I was no longer a home owner.

People kept asking me in the following days how I felt, was I elated, was it like a massive wash of relief, was it sad, was I angry. And to be honest, I was all of these things.

The truth is, my whole life I'd done "what's expected of good little girls". I got the good grades, I went to uni, I travelled, I experienced life, I worked hard, I'd found a boy and I'd bought a house.

I should have been made up right? But, do you know what the problem was. That's what everyone else wanted. I was miserable.

So, when the house finally went. I was elated that I'd come through the storm and was much happier but I also felt guilty.

I felt guilty for putting my friends through listening to my moaning and stressing, I felt like I'd failed my family for not "following the path", I was probably a few months away from talking about kids and a wedding - which just filled me with dread. I felt guilty for the person I'd split up with because it wasn't just my life I'd blown a hole in, it was his. I felt guilty for taking Lola away from her first home.

Doing what is right for you in life, I've found is one of the most conflicting things to go through because you know it will make you so much happier and a better friend, daughter, lover whatever you are BUT it also effects those you care about too and that stings.

The house has been gone for a couple of weeks now and the tidal wave of emotions has settled. I am happy. I can finally breathe again.

I turn 30 in a few months and my god I am going to make my 30s the best years of my life because life is too damn short to be miserable. Who cares if I'm not doing the expected or what I should be doing, I'm going to be happy and that's all that matters to me.

If you're going through a house sale right now, my heart is with you because it's not easy. I'm pretty sure I kept Cadbury's in business singlehandedly these past few months, but it's so worth it.

You can do this!

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