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Number 13 - Visit Harry Potter World!

Growing up in the nineties and early 2000s if you weren’t obsessed with Harry Potter, where were you? I mean all the cool kids were queuing up at midnight at our local book stores for the next instalment!

Or maybe I wasn't the cool one? But anyway… number 13 on my list was to visit Harry Potter World in London!

I’ve read the books I don’t know how many times and I’ve watched the films about 100 times each so I already thought I knew all there was to know about Harry Potter BUT boy was I wrong!

Firstly, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’d read a couple of reviews and seen some of the

pictures on social media but you only see snippets, so I was really excited. I went with my friend from work, who is also a real Harry Potter nerd (sorry Annie, it’s true!). I live in the Midlands and I’m about an hour from Watford and we were lucky enough to not hit any traffic. Although we went during the height of the fuel shortage in the summer (luckily I had topped up before the entire country went mad!) and we got there without any hiccups! We spent the whole journey talking about our favorite bits and what we were hoping to see there, it flew by!

When we got in I was amazed from the first step. High ceilings, art work and memorabilia everywhere - just stunning.

We’d read on the website to allow a couple of hours but we spent FOUR, yes FOUR hours just breathing it all in. Reading all the wee bits, taking pictures, wondering how we could integrate some Harry Potter-ness into our respective houses, reminiscing and remembering bits of the films and books we’d forgotten.

We’re both nerds and like to know how things work and we were simply fascinated by so many of the wee factoids and the titbits of information that you wouldn't know unless you went. I loved the makeup and special effects section, I often dabble in stage makeup so to watch the creation of the goblins was just fascinating!

I highly recommend going, even if you’re not a massive fan of Harry Potter, even if you just like films or special effects it really is a magical place!

My top tips for visiting Harry Potter World:

  1. Comfy shoes - we did something like 12k steps, so you want to be comfortable!

  2. Butterbeer is an experience you should have, but maybe just one to share (it’s expensive!)

  3. Be prepared to spend some money in the gift shop. Again, it’s expensive but you’ll definitely want something. I bought my sister's Christmas present while I was there.

  4. Take your time, there’s a lot of stuff in there and you could move through it really quickly but you’d miss all the good stuff.

  5. Remember you’re with like minded people. You want a picture on a broom - do it? You want a selfie with a death eater - why not? Everyone that is there is because they love Harry Potter (or the person their with does) so make it the best experience for you!

  6. Just do it! Even if you have to go alone, it’s a great day out and all the staff are fab! So if you want a picture they’d definitely help you.

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