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Support for Social Media

I started PandiPrints almost 9 months ago now and I’m not going to lie the learning curve has been insane!

Ignorantly, I thought I had quite a lot of social media skills from my various jobs throughout my career but let me tell you the list of skills you need are endless! Don’t let this put you off putting your business on social media though because there are an endless list of amazing women providing FREE support for people like me and you. Let me introduce you to just a few of them I’ve come across and who have helped me develop my business skills in the past 9 months.

Kimba Digital

I took part in Kimba’s InstaBiz Week last summer and it really opened my eyes to using Instagram as a business asset. If you like a no nonsense, no fluff approach Kimba is your woman. Her live sessions are to the point and give you clear instructions to support the growth of your business, as well as outlining your ideal customer! If you’re just starting out on your insta business journey definitely check her out!

Pr For Girl Bosses

Everyone has heard of PR, but do you know what it actually is or how to use it? Well this is where the wonderful Elise comes in! Not only is she an expert on all things socials and PR she is kind and a fellow Disney lover! You’ve got to check out her Disney Princess PR lessons, they’re fabulous and super helpful. Pr For Girl Bosses also has an amazing group for female led businesses where any question is allowed and you’ll always get a supportive answer from someone in there. You can follow Elise on Insta at @PrForGirlBosses

Your Business Lounge

I stumbled upon this page by sheer accident someone else had tagged them and I checked out their stories, answered a poll and Tori popped up and sent me a message!

From there I’ve joined Tori’s paid Facebook group where she’s live every Monday providing AWESOME Instagram tips and answering everyone’s burning questions. She also provides bimonthly Insta reviews of your page so that you can improve your performance - this is invaluable and has made a real difference to my page! Not only that but she is your biggest cheerleader when you have a successful moment on instagram. If you’re just starting out and looking for some free tips I highly recommend following her on Instagram @yourbusinesslounge

Lucy Sheridan

You may have heard of this lady as she is the worlds first Comparison Coach, written a book and appeared on Oprah! So what’s this got to do with business Andi?

Well once a year Lucy Sheridan runs the #GoodGram Challenge and it has been one of the best courses I’ve ever done (being a qualified trainer that’s a bold statement haha!). If you need your passion for Instagram reawakening or just need a confidence boost, Lucy’s big sister energy is what you need in your life. She teaches you more than just how to make Instagram a viable business asset but she helps you carve out your path on Instagram! Plus I have made some wonderful connections thanks to the #GoodGram challenge. It runs about October time so make sure to follow Lucy on Instagram so you don’t miss out!

There are literally hundreds of wonderful women that I could name in this blog and I wish I could, but it would be a book! What I can say is if you’re feeling alone trying to navigate and make social media work for you there is help out there and more often that not it’s free!

But first of all just get started - once you’re there you can learn! Don’t let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game!

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