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Top Ten Unique Christmas Words

If you've followed me on social media for a while you'll have seen that I often do a "word of the week" post when I find a new word that I think is spectacular and should be shared with the world!

So this year I thought I'd do some research and find some Christmas words that are not used merely enough! Here is my top ten!

10. Doniferous - Carrying a present! I want everyone in December to be doing this no?


9. Hiemate - Sleeping throughout the entire winter or to spend winter somewhere else. Come on who's taking me on holiday then?


8. Ninguid - This is a Latin derivative and means something is covered in snow! I personally don't like snow ... funny story I once got stuck in Scotland because Coventry had snow!


7. Crawmassing - To go around begging gifts are Christmas or gathering up the last scraps of a festive feast! I mean if there's food left... we shouldn't waste it?!


6. Blenky - Another snow one... apparently it's more liked than I thought! Blenky means it is "snowing sparingly", so instead of a smattering you've got a blenky!


5. Waissal - A spiced mulled cider or it can mean drinking large amounts and enjoying it with other people. I mean I'm happy with either meaning, right?


4. Yule- hole - this refers to the hole you have to move your belt to after the Christmas meal because you've eaten too much! Question is, who's not wearing stretchy trousers on Christmas day for this exact reason?!


3. Bummock - An old Scot's word for a large quantity of drink in preparation for a festive occasion. I mean... I'm Scottish .. what counts as large haha!


2. Yule-Skrep - From the Shetland Islands, it means when kids where being naughty at Christmas they'd get a smack (not condoning just like the word!) or a yule-skrep! I now want to change all the songs with smack with them to skrep and see how it sounds!

And the winner is ...


It means when all the festive cheer is over! It's the 18th Century word for "sickness resulting from excess food and drink"! I mean if you're not sickened by the sight of Quality street by January 2nd then you've not done Christmas right - in my opinion anyway!

There you have it my favourite weird, forgotten Christmas words! I'd love to hear if you have anymore or if, in fact, you use any of them!

Have a lovely festive period and remember to shop small! We all need your help more than ever!

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