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What words mean to me.

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

As I've already said, as a youngster I was always reading books. Often getting through 4 in a week ... Honestly there was no stopping me when I got going! Torches under the duvet, quickly turning it off when my Mum came to check on me ... she always knew I was still awake but she let me keep reading, knowing how much I loved it.

But reading meant more to me than just late nights and breaking bed time rules. It was about the adventures, getting lost in someone else's reality being in a world that seemed so much more exciting than my own life! Now there was nothing wrong with my life don't get me wrong, but I always longed to be the strong character, the leading lady, the one who could solve the mystery or make someone laugh. Truth be told, in real life I was not any of these things, I was the quiet kid who didn't really like playing games like other young people. Don't get me wrong I'd play, but I was always happier on my own reading a book.

If we're honest we all love words. There are phrases that are considered beautiful across the world; "I love you", "Happily Ever After", "Carpe Diem" and so many more. A word, a phrase or a quote can transport all of us to a happy memory or start a conversation.

If you're of the Harry Potter generation ... how many times have you laughed or tried to imitate the famous Hagrid line ... "You're a wizard Harry"... I bet you said that in his accent didn't you? I did!

Or how many times have you recited a line in a movie that means something to you or your significant other "You want the moon Mary? I'll get you the moon. I'll through a lasso around it" ... can you guess the film?

What about these lyrics that get stuck in your head, a proper ear worm! The songs that make you cry, Elton John was always good at that ...

What about those speeches that still bring us goosebumps now and still inspire decades on... "I have a dream."

I think what I am trying to get at, is words are literal magic.

Words will forever provide an escape, humour, express our feelings, inspire and drive us.

So that ... that is why words because they're magic.

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