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Where to find inspiration?

So there is no real answer as to where to get inspiration from... I mean I'm sure someone a lot smarter than me has found an answer but I haven't as yet!

But I do take inspiration from a lot of places.


I read. A lot. I love it, I get lost in a book and can sometimes lose a day to a book. Now I'm not saying I literally lift someone else's words straight from their book, that they've worked on and then whack it on a print. Firstly there's a wee thing called copy right ... and I do not have the cash/energy/where with all to fight a legal battle! However if I read something that sticks with me, such as the David Nicholls quote "If I could give you anything, it would be confidence" I will write it down and think how can I make this relate to people without ripping off an amazing author. Obviously if you want to use quotes that's fine but just make sure you do your research you don't want a big bill!


A bit like books hearing something that I like the sound of I will write it down, re word it, play with it and come up with my own. If I find something that I really like I will write it down and then use a mind map to figure out what it reminds me of or how it makes me feel and from there I come up with a new PandiPhrase!


People are bloody brilliant! I mean how many people have catchphrases?! Listen to people around you sometimes they say some of the BEST things and you've just go to remember it!

Other businesses

It is totally okay to use another business or person as inspiration. BUT IT IS NOT OKAY TO COPY THEIR WORK. This has happened to me a few times now. One print business has taken my PandiPhrases and just whacked them on a different background. This is not okay. If you take inspiration from them that's fine but at least give them the credit for your inspiration.

If you're inherently a creative person inspiration can come really naturally to you, but for some people, me included I have to work at it and that's okay too.

Finding what inspires you can be real trial and error. I love words and luckily they are used everyday! Yours might be flowers or the mountains or something a little harder to see or use everyday. If that's the case get yourself on Pinterest and create some mood boards you never know, just the act of searching for inspiration might bring on that creative spark!

Let me know if any of this helps and let's connect on Facebook and Instagram to inspire each other!

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