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Why I'm pissed off at the world.

Why I’m pissed off at the world.

On Monday of this week we celebrated International Women’s Day 2021 but by Thursday of the same week I am left questioning if anything will ever really change and if we’ll ever truly live in a world that values equality.

Monday, all in all, was great apart from those expected;

“Why do women need a day”,

“There isn’t a men's day” - there is, it’s the 19th of November and of course

“I treat everyone the same already” - not everyone understands the movement and the challenges women face daily.

Even writing this I am excusing the behaviour of men! Why shouldn’t we have a day?

Tuesday, the world reacts to the Meghan and Harry interview.

What I took from the interview was, Meghan and Harry left a situation that they felt was toxic and putting their family at risk. It is not your right to then tell them their feelings are wrong.

Unless you’ve lived in their world you can not tell them they are wrong for feeling the way they did! You also can not undermine someone’s mental health publicly without impacting millions of mental health sufferers at the same time.

Wednesday we receive the news, late in the day, that remains have been found in the search for Sarah Everard.

A woman who was walking home. A woman who had let her other half know she was on her way home, a woman who had done everything we as women have ever been taught to do when walking alone.

Thursday, I am pissed off.

Why as women are we to blame for the vile things people do to us? Why is it okay to be considered the weaker sex? Why is it okay to STILL have a gender pay gap? Why should we have to prepare our daughters to deal with over touchy men or derogatory “lad banter”?

This is wrong and NOTHING is changing.

The stats already state that 97% of women aged 18 - 24 have experienced sexual harassment and 70% of all women have. This was taken from a YouGov Survey not actual reported cases.


I know so many women who have been sexually harassed, even assaulted, and have decided not to report it because they already feel like no one will believe them.

This has to change.

Because, frankly we’re tired.

We’re tired of apologising for being smart, for dressing how we want to dress, for being right, for being in the room, tired of having to wear rape alarms, or use apps, asking for Angela at a bar, taking pictures of taxi licenses, of letting someone know we’re walking home, of having to plan when we exercise because going out in the dark is too much of a risk.

We’re tired of making excuses for men.

I started this blog by saying I am pissed off at the world, and the truth is I’m not mad. I’m really sad.

I’m sad that in 2021 we are still fighting for equality for so many different people, not just women.

If you think that you do treat everyone equally and you can’t really see why women across the world are pissed off and sad this week, I implore you to do some research and try to see the world through their eyes.

Stay strong ladies, you’re bright, beautiful and you are worthy of respect.

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