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Why Prints?

So PandiPrints has been a wee business now since the July 28th ...Well May-ish if you count the two months I took to actually build up the courage to start it!

But that still doesn't answer the question why prints?

Well, if you've followed me on social media for a while, you'll know this wasn't my first business idea. I wanted to run an American Diner, create event kits, wrap presents (after Christmas this year I am so glad that did not happen!) and I wanted to run a drama school at one point... again so glad I didn't do this on account of 2020 too!

But prints was the first one that I could actually see happening, I could see the problems and the difficulties it might cause, but for the first time I could find solutions and really wanted to! With the ideas before, I really couldn't work it out!

So that's how I knew I'd found the business I really wanted to start - PandiPrints.

I've decided on prints - magic! But what content do I put on them? Well I've always had a love for words and what they mean. Having been an avid reader as a youngster I have always loved getting lost in another world and I've always been amazed by the beauty some authors can create with just a few simple sentences.

Words have always transported me to somewhere happier, whether that's a book or listening to music or a quote in a film. And's that when I knew what PandiPrints would do, word art Print, making words look great! I wanted to share my love of good phrases and beautiful phrases into other people's lives.

I wanted to use PandiPrints to remind people that good things happen, especially since 2020 was so horrific for so many, and that even though they are having a bad day it isn't always like that.

The prints I create can vary from body positivity, kitchen quips or cheeky innuendo prints. One phrase can mean so many different things to so many people and that's why I love word art and making these prints.

PandiPrints provides me an opportunity to bring how I see these beautiful phrases to live, I make the already amazing words look great. Plus if it makes someone smile on a bad day ... well then I'm happy!

Have a great day Andi xx

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