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Why you need positive prints!

Positivity prints do they work?


I know “Live, Laugh, Love” has become a bit of a joke and is often found on memes these days BUT there is a reason why people have it emblazoned across their bedrooms!

Motivational quotes can have a profound effect on mood.

Just think about it… when your friend is feeling down what do you say when you’re trying to cheer them up? Probably a phrase like

“You can do this”,

“This will pass”,

“you’re stronger than you believe” (had to throw in a good Winnie the Pooh phrase!).

We use words to motivate others ALL the time!

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of someone else telling us how great we are, or we just don’t get time to talk to another person in our ever increasing, busy lives for that motivational pep talk we all need from time to time.


But how do you plug that motivational gap for yourself?

Motivational stationery (or prints in my case) of course!

What if you had it up on a wall or sat on your desk? That gap has been bridged in an instant!

But why is it important?

How we speak to ourselves has been proven time and time again to have a real impact on how we feel about ourselves and our overall well being. It’s also been proven that we wouldn’t speak to friends or loved ones in the same way that we speak to ourselves … so using that logic the likelihood of us being able to positively influence our mood without an external factor … is well... pretty low!

So let me help you! Whether it’s already a print that I’ve created or a phrase that means nothing to anyone else but you - GET IT HUNG UP! Some days it won’t work and all that will make you feel better is a large G&T and that is okay too.

BUT that one day where you really need a wee boost or a reminder of how great you are, sat proudly on your desk is a PandiPrint willing you on!

Feel free to drop me a DM or an email to discuss your perfect motivational print :)

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