Old Fashioned Swearing!

Old Fashioned Swearing!


Do you love a good swear word? Us too! 


These are some victorian swear words and we love them. If you want to sass up your gallery wall, or add a bit of cheek to your kitchen these would look great on a rustic shelf!


At £10 each they're a bargain and no on will really know you're swearing! 


Each print is printed on high quality card stock providing a matte finish. 


Arfrarfan'arf - Drunkard

Gordon Bennet - Surprise 

Bescumber - to throw poo on

Zounderkite - Idiot

Balderdash - To create a bad drink

Swear Word


Returns Policy

If you find that you're not happy with your PandiPrint print or it arrives damaged, please contact us directly, within 14 days of your order arriving.

All returns will be looked at on an individual case by case basis. 

Thanks for understanding - PandiPrints aims to please every time and we're determined to make sure you receive the best customer service - every time. 


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